Monday, January 3, 2011

Time to hit it hard.

Audition season has begun as of today! I'm excited for 2011. I have several things going through my head, but I really am thrilled to focus on REALLY succeeding. I now finally feel comfortable here, and my confidence is growing daily in myself. I finally have a voice teacher that I am enjoying working with, and in just a couple of lessons, I already can tell that I've made a good choice.

On another note. I may have spoken about this before, but I'm going to reiterate with more confidence. I didn't take a couple of tap classes when I first got back because I was nervous about my skill level compared to the others. (I've mentioned before that this is an area that I am not as experienced in.) I then had a re-realization though when I was taking a ballet class and a theatre jazz class (that I felt more comfortable in,) GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY MATTHEW!!!

There are people in the classes that I take that are less skilled in those classes than I am in the other ones that I feel incompetent in. If they feel comfortable enough to participate, then I have every right to push myself in more advance classes. Of course I already knew this, but I just felt that it was good to voice this again in the New Year.

I really don't mean this to sound catty. I'm not truly comparing myself in a competitive way or meaning to demean those around me. I am actually using them as inspiration to push myself even more. So, there it is. Happy New Year. Let's kick some butt.

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