Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So....after much auditioning-MUCH auditioning, I found out I'll be heading back to my Kansas City "home" to perform in the Starlight Theatre's production of "Cinderella!" I'm very excited to get to go back. It's a quick gig. We have something like eleven days to put the show up, do seven performances, and then I'm back to NY and the grind. I am extremely grateful though, and I just wanted to drop a note in case anyone happened to be wondering what was going on in my life! There you have it!


  1. Yes, I was sort of wondering. :)
    I am happy for you that you will be doing a show!
    Perhaps you will have time to put up some posts about it.

  2. We shall see! I'll try to get something up! Thanks for your interest!