Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm on board.

Tonight, I had the privilege of attending the opening night party for the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF.) I have been getting increasingly more excited about our October 7th opening as the show I'm in has been taking shape, and tonight, the energy fueled my flame even more. NYMF is in it's seventh year and has 30 new shows. Everyone is working their tails off with the exhilarating challenge of creating what may be the next big hit in the musical theatre world!

Watching and feeling the energy in the room was both inspirational and encouraging. A well known Broadway actress sang a comedic song about the trials and tribulations on her "road to success." One line in it really rang true to me. When speaking of auditioning she said, "When they say 'no' don't get upset, it means 'yes' but just not yet." That summed up the hopes and feelings I've had as I am currently been pushing and striving to make this new career work.

Tonight was a reminder that I am not alone in this. No, I'm not financially "successful" in my new career yet, but I have broken into an amazing community of artists, and thereby, I'm going to claim that as "success" and just go from there.

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