Saturday, September 11, 2010

A little early perhaps?

Some may find this strange, but then, so do I. I happened upon a friend's Facebook photo album that was entitled "Christmas in Kansas City." Lately, I have been missing what I finally accepted as my "home." My company continues without me. My friends go on without me, and yes, while I do the same without them, it's still strange for me.

When I thought about my favorite season, Christmas, it struck me to think of all the things I would miss. There are two radio stations that play Christmas music. I would listen to them in the car-I don't have one anymore (thank goodness) but still, it's weird. I'm preparing to dance in another Nutcracker, but it won't be the one I've "grown up with."

When will this transition plateau?!? The moment I think it's finished, something else rears its head. I'm fine with it, but still, it haunts me. Thankfully, the simplicity of the voice of a friend on the other end of the phone line can snap me into the reality that I am not really so far removed from those I love.

I am still a lucky boy.

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