Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Last Nutcracker.

Today, I awoke at 4:30am Pacific Time, and I haven't been able to sleep since. I think my body is getting me ready to go back to the New York. I couldn't be more excited about that. Doing Nutcracker gigs has been a wonderful gift and a chance to express myself artistically and above all for now, get paid well for it! I've gotten to travel as was one of my goals upon moving to NY, and I've met wonderful people. Now, I'm ready to embark on 2011 and see what happens. I am quite anxious. I wonder if this anxiety will ever go away? Perhaps once if book a long term gig. That said, I'm not going to sit afraid and worry my life away! I know I'm fortunate, and things have continued to work out for me somehow each step of the way. Heck! I've already been in New York for over half a year, and I haven't starved yet or missed a months rent! Not bad.

On a slightly different subject. A word to the wise: if you are unable to sleep, DON'T decide it is time to go through your phone and clear out photographs in order to gain more space! It was painful to walk down memory lane and see my friends who I have missed so much back in Kansas City. It's haunting in a way to scroll through and see photos from a year ago at Christmas time. Life goes by so quickly. Even though I consider myself someone who tries to enjoy each moment, it still happens far too fast.

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