Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Suddenly, I found myself sitting with two ladies I had gone to NCSA with and hadn't seen in over eleven years. One of them had hired the other two of us to teach for her ballet school's dance intensive. At that moment, however, we were sitting outside sharing wine and stories, reconnecting and reminiscing about old school days. It suddenly dawned on me, we were now the ones in charge. We were remembering the days when we knew each other, and at that time we had been the ages of the students we had taught that day. My, how the years fly.

We shared our thoughts on how the things that we felt worked in our training and those that didn't. We shared our views on what we had kept with us from our teachers and those things we didn't agree with from their methods. We had three entirely different experiences, different opinions, but one thing was the same, we were all there together with a common bond. That was a wonderful school that had trained us and helped us develop our distinct personalities. Now, it was our turn.

Today, I finished my two day teaching excursion in Maryland, and I feel refreshed and ready to head back home to New York. I'm not going to be returning to the Kansas City Ballet next week when my former colleagues do, but I am experiencing something new and exciting, scary and exhilarating, and perhaps slightly insane! It's my journey though, and I'm loving every moment.

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