Sunday, August 8, 2010


The waiting game can be the hardest part of my profession. I suppose that's how it is in any profession in which one is waiting to find out the outcome of a job interview. Auditioning is like fishing. You cast the line and reel it in and occasionally you get a bite. The tough thing is that YOU'RE the one at the end of the hook as bait! Sometimes just as in fishing, there seem to be nibbles or positive feedback only to pull the line in and find a half-eaten worm! The difference of course is that our pride can be what gets bitten off by the "fish." It's hard, and keeping that tough skin is definitely necessary. (Well, this analogy made sense to me!)

I'm learning patience already. I know that I've only been here for about eleven weeks, but I can already see more than ever how one needs to be touch up here. Rejection is hard, but if one can't get past oneself and keep moving onward, there's no way to survive. I'm finding ways to make it pleasant for myself even when I get cut by focusing on other aspects of my life that I enjoy. It really helps. I do have to make conscious efforts to remind myself when I get cut that "it just isn't my turn yet." But oh, do I feel it coming.

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