Thursday, August 12, 2010

Learning my way.

Yesterday, I once again attended an audition for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. They had been my first audition after I "retired" from the ballet. I'm learning that often, auditors teach the same combination at each audition. Thereby, I was able to think a little less and focus on performing. I made it a bit further than I did the first time before I was once again cut, but hey! I'm gonna look at that as progress!

Now, this method of teaching the same combo over and over for years and years can be frustrating if it's your first time auditioning. Another show that I auditioned for two days ago had a fun but quirky dance that we were learning. Most of the guys in the room knew it before going in, and thereby had quite the advantage.

I have an idea. If ever I'm in a place to be running an audition, I'm going to try to have a couple of combos. Thereby, (in theory) I can shake it up a bit so that those who already know the choreography won't have as unfair an advantage. Of course it's inevidible if one has been attending the same audition for five years that they'll know the choreography, but still, there has to be a way to at least try to level the playing feel. It could be wishful thinking.

These auditions can be quite cutthroat. So many people want jobs, and often it seems that there is little that some will stop at to get them. I'm working to stay friendly as I need to be but overall positive. While I'm not there to make friends, I definitely don't want to come across as negative, snarky or rude, beause I never know which of these dancers I may have to work with someday.

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  1. yep, you are right to not want to alienate any potential collegues, for sure.

    I had no idea that the combos taught at (these show-type) auditions are often the same ones! I had not imagined that the auditioners would be teaching the choreography for the show in question, but would actually be looking for dancers who pick up quickly, get a certain style down and stuff like that.

    I suppose it is a chooser's world, as there are enough dancers to choose from, so a need to be "fair" does not enter into it.
    Oh, well. :)