Friday, August 27, 2010


When I was a little boy, during my first year at the NC School of the Arts, I was offered a special opportunity. I was offered the chance to be in the classic ballet "Petrouchka." It would have required about one or two weeks of extra rehearsal in the evenings, and since my family lived about an hour away from school (and we were accustomed to only traveling to the school a couple of days a week at the time,) my parents decided that it would be best if I didn't do it.

When the performance went up, my parents took me to see it. It was fun to see my peers on stage, and I enjoyed every moment of the ballet. When we got into the car though, I lost it. Tears came from every which direction. I know now that my parents felt absolutely horrible. I suppose it was at that moment that we all realized that this ballet thing wouldn't simply be a "phase."

Last week I auditioned for a production that will be in the New York Musical Festival or "NYMF" as it is called. Long story short, I booked it. It's the first thing I've booked since I've been up here, and it is something that my agents sent me in for. The name of the newly envisioned piece,


Mom and Dad, rest easy tonight. I guess this means you're off the hook.

The End.