Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who'd have thought it'd be so fun?!?

This past weekend, I traveled to DC to rehearse with one of my partners for one of the two Nutcrackers I will be doing this holiday season. I had the time of my life. I am enjoying the experience of getting back into "Cavalier Shape." It's strange. I'm putting quite a bit of pressure on myself to be as strong as I can be, but there's still a freedom that comes from having the opportunity to do this outside of the setting of my former company.

When I performed the role there, I had the wonderful honor of dancing with the most seasoned member of the company. I will always hold that experience close to me. However, now I'm making new memories. I feel that I am just continually turning the pages in my life's book, and each one holds something new and exciting.

I have two wonderful partners this holiday. I am lucky and inspired to make them both look as beautiful as I can. They don't need much help from me there, but I can sure try to enhance.

Note: If you are one who doesn't like to see smiles and joy when watching a pas de deux and thinks the man should be stoic and classically stern, don't watch my rendering.

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