Monday, September 28, 2009

So Little Time!

I am learning that there is a strange balance to be discovered when preparing for a big move such as mine. I've spoken about trying to stay in the moment and not get too ahead of myself, but sometimes I feel as if I'm in an action series. I'm trapped in a room with a ticking bomb and an oxygen shortage. The only way out is to diffuse the bomb, and all I have to work with is a bobby pin, a rubber band and a swiss army knife. Pretty nutsy feeling.

I want so desperately to enjoy my time here in Kansas City, and I am doing a fine job at that. It's just the in between moments when I begin to freak out. I feel as though I have a laundry list a mile long of things I need to accomplish-build a website, repaint my apartment, sell my piano, sell my coffee table, sell my dog-no, no, not the dog-get an agent, save money, learn to wait tables, find an audition workshop, get in touch with approximately a million people, find a place to live, save money, print business cards, SAVE MONEY!!!

I feel I am doing well at keeping myself organized and focused, but it would be dishonest of me not to include the scattered moments when they're here. It's all a part of this process, I'm learning. Even as I write though, an overwhelming belief that this is all going to work out fine is coming over me, but wait-there that feeling went again! Right out the window!

Joking aside, I am nervous but excited. There have been so many people who have done this before, and I am thrilled to be learning about it first hand at last. It reminds me of a boy whose parents drove him across the country with a couple of suitcases, some dance shoes, an air mattress, a unicycle and his juggling equipment. They helped him settle in for a day and then had to turn around and drive home leaving him to begin his new life. I was nervous and excited then too. That seemed to work out just fine, eh? It's time to bring it on again.

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  1. Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.

    Michael Caine