Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inspired again.

Tonight, I attended another performance of the NY City Ballet that also held special meaning for me. The first piece on the program was the first Balanchine Ballet, "Donizetti Variations," that I had danced a principal role in with KC Ballet. Once again, I didn't find myself grief stricken by how much it made me miss dance. Quite the contrary. I felt like saying "Wow! I did that piece once upon a time!" The dancers were beautiful once again.

As a dancer, I often spoke, and I've talked about it in my entries about how I have always worked to take the audience out of their own heads and away from their problems for a couple of hours. Tonight, it was my turn to be taken away from my issues, and I felt truly happy.

Naturally, it's time for a "Donnell Disclaimer." I reserve the right to miss ballet at anytime! I'll write about it if/when I do. Just because I'm feeling good now doesn't mean the reality has sunk in yet. I'm not sure if it ever will....

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