Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's just not my turn.

It's so strange how things happen in the time frame in which they're meant to. For example. I had two auditions to attend this week, and the first one I learned at the last second was a call for Latino men-thank goodness I figured that one out! The next one seemed perfect for me and promised to be a fun audition was cancelled. Thereby, there is only one audition for me to do next week, and it's a strong tap call, and I'm not the strongest tapper. That's ok. I'm going to try it anyhow! It will be fun.

In many ways, I feel that I should be more nervous than I am for these things, but really, I'm so bored right now, and I just want to feel as if I'm doing what I was trained to do. As I've said before, an audition is a time to perform. I already miss it even though I feel burned out at the moment. Well, I'll have plenty of chances to audition come the late summer/early fall, so I'll need to remember this time when I was complaining (but not really complaining) about having nothing to do.

I'm having a good time getting to know my roommates. They're great guys. I won't lie though. It is an adjustment for me as I have spent the last ten years living alone for the most part. It is nice however, to have people to hang out with already built into my life, and we are fortunate to have such a large apartment. Often, it feels as though I am living alone. Still, at the end of the day, all is well with the world, and I am honored to be living in such an amazing apartment in an amazing neighborhood with amazing people.

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