Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ok, I'm hooked.

I went to see the NY City Ballet for the third time in two weeks tonight. I'm finding that at least for now, I'm really enjoying watching the ballet. I'm simply floored at the technical level of these artists. Holy smokes! Of course, their artistry is great too, but I'm completely bowled over at how many great technicians there are!

Tonight, there was yet another piece on the program called "The Concert" by Jerome Robbins. It was another favorite piece of mine that I was privileged to dance twice in my time with KC Ballet. The past three shows have each had an important piece on them that I have danced. It made me think how many great ballets I've been fortunate to perform.

It also put another thing into perspective. These pieces that I usually only did a couple of times, these dancers will have danced hundreds of by the time they retire. On one hand, I'm extremely jealous. However, on the other hand, I can remember each experience in fairly good detail because they aren't drowned out by a million other performances.

Tonight, I left with yet another reminder of how fulfilled I feel from my career. I hope I keep enjoying observing as much as I am now.

P.S. It's been exactly four weeks since we moved into our apartment. My do things go fast up here!!

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