Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A good one.

Today, I had my first really good audition. The short of it is this: I was asked to stay after the first cut (tap-yeah that's right,) and then I had a chance to show off balletically with a turn and jump combo, I felt strong when I sang, and the director of the theatre complimented me afterwards! Who knows if I'll book it, but that's beside the point for me for today. The important thing is that I know that I'm beginning to get more and more comfortable in my own skin in the audition room. I'll just keep at it!

Now to actually book something. That will be a TRULY good audition!


  1. You stay strong. Good news will come your way. I am sure. After all, all that talent and personality to boot, just for nothin'?

  2. Ellen,
    What can I say? I simply love you! You've always been so encouraging! Thank you, thank you! Hope all is well in your life!