Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Keep those puzzle pieces coming.

Well, the agency signed me! Phew, am I relieved! I count myself fortunate because many talk about how difficult it can be to get an agent. There are of course many ways of getting to where one wants to be, but for me, I keep being pleasantly surprised at how things seem to fall into place when I don't force the issue. That said, and as anyone who has been reading this for a while, I'm not just sitting on my rump waiting for things to happen. I have been and will continue to prepare myself the best I can, so that when things open up, I will be ready.

I am extremely grateful for my new agent. I look forward to seeing how this changes things. It's still up to me to be good enough to book the job, but at least with an agent, I'll have the chance to be seen more often for different projects that I couldn't have submitted myself for.

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