Monday, January 11, 2010

A family tree.

Yesterday, as I had mentioned I would, I saw my teachers who were in Kansas City to teach the audition for my old school. As I was walking them down the hallway, one of the girls I teach said, "Hi Matthew!" I wasn't expecting the wave of emotion that almost came over me as I realized that there were three generations of dancers represented in a five foot radius. The familial feeling that I felt confirmed once more what I had written about in my previous entry about the "legacy of dance." I am about to be a "retired ballet dancer" as my teachers are. Seeing my student and all of the other dancers eagerly awaiting their audition-their chance to keep furthering themselves to get to where my teachers have been and where I am currently was huge to me! They want it so badly, and I wish them half of the luck that I have had.

I still look up to my teachers. It was an honor to hang out with them and sit as adults together.

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  1. cool! you are lucky to have that opportunity. Not everyone does. :)