Monday, January 18, 2010


Once again, I threw myself into the deep end and survived. My audition today was a lot of fun. Call me corny, but I still think things are happening in a way that it seems I'm being allowed to safely ease myself into the audition scene. Let me explain.

In the case of this audition, I knew that I was probably not right for any of the roles being performed in this company's summer season, but the people running the audition were generous, kind, easy going and funny. They never made me feel that I was wasting their time. When I auditioned for the before mentioned local outdoor theatre here in Kansas City, the auditors were also kind and encouraging. The way I look at it, I'm being given a gift of safe auditions before I have to potentially deal with some tough situations.

Or, actually what I'm hoping for, is that I have been preparing myself appropriately, and I'm discovering that it's not going to get much worse than this. Perhaps there really isn't that much to be afraid of.

At any rate, once again, I succeeded (for myself) at giving the best performance I could and enjoying it while I was in the moment. Why not? I don't want to be a bitter actor before I even have a chance to try my hand in New York! As far as I see it, it can only keep getting better and better, and at some point, I will eventually get the job that's right for me. Keep those auditions coming.

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