Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Crazy things keep happening. I'll say it again-I'm on the right path. I hate to show my pessimistic side, but things keep going so well overall, I'm concerned that I'm due some bad luck!

I will preface this story by saying that I don't believe in anything until I see it on paper. I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch.

The short of it is that a friend of mine with whom I acted four years ago here in Kansas City (and have stayed loosely in contact with) is looking for a roommate. Bingo! He asked me out of the blue if I was needing a roommate, and I told him that I and a friend am planning on moving to the city and hoping to perhaps get another roommate. He was already thinking of having two, and he was also thinking of looking for a place in Queens, which is where we want to live!

This gentleman said that he would begin looking in March which is when my friend will be in the city visiting, thereby they could meet. His current lease is up in May. This is all too serendipitous. I'm completely floored. I had no problems speaking for my Kansas City friend and telling him that we were up for it. When I got off the phone with "New York," and called my friend and let him know about this he was elated.

As I've said, it can be frightening to think about moving somewhere new, but it seems that the road is still being laid out before me (us.) All I can do at this moment is once again encourage anyone who feels that they are on the brink of change to align themselves properly, do their homework, make sure they're following their heart, and GO FOR IT.

I'll continue riding this wave until it breaks, and then I'll figure out the next step.

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