Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Moor's Pavane.

Today we began re-learning "The Moor's Pavane" which is a dramatic work based on Shakespeare's "Othello" by Jose Limon. It uses four dancers to tell the story in about twenty minutes. I had the honor of playing Iago a few years ago, and I feel privileged to get to play the role again this time.

This is what I call a "once in a lifetime" type of part (I think I've spoken of it before.) I'm lucky to get to do it again. It was thrilling to begin thinking about my character, and I look forward to seeing how the work evolves once we get it staged and the lady who originally set it on us comes back to refine the details.

I love playing the villain. What I love about theatre is the chance to taste many different types of characters without necessarily having to be like them in real life. It's a wonderful escape.

I am working with a partner who I learned the ballet with last time but didn't get to perform it because of an injury. I am excited that she is getting to finally do the part. She put a lot into it, so it will be good for that to be rewarded.

Stay tuned.....

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