Saturday, January 2, 2010

So long Christmas.

I procrastinated long enough. I had my Christmas decorations up earlier than I have in years and I took them down later than ever. The tree is still standing and a friend will haul it away and use it for kindling. (how symbolic...) Just as I have been doing with everything this holiday season, I really wanted to savor my last Christmas in my loft. Five weeks seems to be all that I can allow myself to live in the winter wonderland-it's time to move on.

It was difficult putting my ornaments and other odds and ends away. In the past, I would loosely pack them and shove them in my closet, but this time, I taped the boxes shut with duct tape. To be dramatic, it felt as if I was sealing a time capsule or a crypt of some sort. Ten years of Kansas City memories were laid to rest to be resurrected in a different place.

In placing the boxes in my closet, I began to come across things such as old shoes and clothes that I will be needing to gather to take to the thrift store-it's happening!! Yikes! As the ball fell on Times Square, I visualize that it bounced and began rolling after me Indiana Jones-style.

I am deeply saddened by this being my last Christmas here, but there is a new day about to dawn. l am looking forward to the holidays in New York or wherever I may be at this time next year. Time to get to work.

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