Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blinders on.

Tonight, I heard a quote that I am not going try to quote, but I am going to attempt to relay its message. I was attending a performance, and the actress was asked how she dealt with the competition aspect of the field. She had an interesting way of speaking of it. She talked about keeping blinders on as a horse does in a race. If the horse was to look to the side, the other horses would pass him.

This field is extremely competitive. All I can focus on is myself-not those around me. When it comes time for me to go to countless auditions, I need to remember that I am only on MY path. I am not in control of others' paths. There are so many factors that go into casting a role, thereby I don't want to make myself crazy wondering why someone else got the role over me. I need simply to focus on doing everything I can to prepare myself as best as I can. From there on, it's out of my hands.

This realization came as no big surprise to me, but it is nice to see how life reminds us of simple truths when we need to hear them.

I'm going to do my best to keep my blinders on.

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