Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God I hope I get it...

I love the surprises that life sends our way when we allow ourselves to be open to them. Today gave one of such surprises. This morning, I happened to check an email account that I don't use anymore on a whim, and there was a message from an actor friend of mine who was in town touring with a Broadway company for the month. I hadn't heard from him in years. I quickly called him, and it turned out he needed a place to do laundry! So, he did laundry at my place and we had lunch and got to catch up a bit. While we were visiting, he received a call saying he would be going on for the principal role that he understudies at tonight's performance. Thereby, I was able to get a chance to see him do a great part!

Seeing him up there and watching the cast was yet another reminder that I WANT THIS SO BADLY! It almost hurts how badly I want to be on stage doing a show eight times a week. I want the lifestyle. I'd actually love to try the touring life for a while-aw heck I'll do anything-I just want to work!

I had time during the show (which was wonderful, and my friend was superb) to think about life and get nervous yet again. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, the auditioning is what I'm most dreading! I pray that I'll get used to it and find joy in it somehow. That's a lie! I pray that I'll get lucky and not have to do much auditioning at all!!! How's that for a pipe-dream?!?

Standing by the stage door and waiting for my friend, I thought back across the years to the times such as this when I've had friends come through with tours. It is always such an exciting time for me. It's a special feeling to get to show my city off a bit. I have been so proud to live here. It is bittersweet thinking about how much I will miss the excitement of the tours coming through when I can just take for granted that I can walk out my door and see a show anytime I'd like. Hopefully the magic won't be gone, just different.

I'm glad it will be different. I love that I will have memories such as this from Kansas City. Here's to the Broadway I've seen in the Midwest. Play on.