Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Memory Lane.

I had some spare time today in between rehearsals, so I began looking over videos in the ballet's archives. It shook me up a little to see myself as a young man fresh out of school and full of energy. I could see myself mature as the years went on. Technology is an amazing thing! To have record of my work is such a wonderful gift for me as I move on.

Lately, I have been battling a bit with some insecurities about my dancing. This is common I believe in this field because dancers get hired at a young age, and while that is happening, those around get older. I still feel as young as them, but I can't ignore the fact that I'm not. Just like ice skating, the technical tricks get trickier and every generation can execute more fancy maneuvers than the one before it. I have to state thought that It is great to see their energy as they tackle their first years of dancing with a company.

I hope that I may be a good example to them of someone who has enjoyed his career throughout its ups and downs.

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