Monday, November 30, 2009

Life is quirky.

Today, after seeing a movie, I went with a few friends to a nearby restaurant to have some food and hang out a bit more. As we were sitting there, a lady nearby joined into our conversation. It came out that she happens to be here on business and is from New York. She and her fiance live in Astoria, Queens which is one of the top places my roommate and I are planning to look when we apartment hunt. She was extremely friendly and offered to remain in contact and help however she could once I got to the city. She even offered their air mattress if I needed a place to crash.

I believe that humans can find a "sign" in anything when we have something specific on our minds, but whether this was a self made sign or merely a coincidence, I'd rather be excited about it. I choose to take it as a good omen. Perhaps the universe is more aware than I thought that I am indeed making a huge move. Regardless of how this presented itself, I am tickled to think that in my own "hometown" I met someone today from my soon to be new home. I am most definitely thankful for the constant reminder that yes, this is indeed going to happen, and it's going to be great.

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