Thursday, December 10, 2009


One of the perks (if you will) of being a senior dancer is getting to observe. I have been observing a few of the newbies. I am encouraged by their drive and dedication to the art. Their eagerness is not yet jaded, and I hope it will continue to stay as such. Sometimes when entering the company life, young dancers can be swayed by the negative energy of some of the senior dancers. I have been around long enough that I can identify "negative energy" as insecurity being manifested through words and actions.

With every generation there is a chance to create new and positive perspectives on the field of dance. (or negative) It is my goal that by presenting an honest and realistic view of the field, I may be able to encourage the younger generation to focus on the positive aspects of what we do. Negatives can be so easily found! After all, we're dramatic people! All I can hope to do is talk to the younger dancers and let them know how much joy can be found by simply enjoying their careers. Don't worry! It will be over soon enough!

I am by no means an expert, but it is nice to feel that I can have some influence on those who will come behind me.


  1. good for you for trying to put more positive energy into the daily lives of dramatic, stressed,and often of necessity: self-absorbed dancers!
    I remember how it was for me, first as a young dancer new to a company, and then later, as one just going into "retirement". It is a hard, short, intense job, but one full of passion. You are right to try to focus on enjoying one's career.

  2. Thank you for your feedback! That means a lot to me!