Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sleepless in Kansas City-again.

After some time trying to get my body to settle down and get some rest tonight, I've finally identified the anxiety that is keeping me awake. I only have two more days and four shows of "The Nutcracker." Tomorrow-well, today-I'll perform my last of two Drosselmeyers, my last Mouse King and my last Buffoon. It's funny to be mourning parts that I have taken for granted for so long such as the latter two of the three roles I just mentioned.

I suppose that in having a day off for the Christmas holiday, and my family being here, I was distracted and didn't have much time to do my usual brooding over the significance of these last upcoming days. They've just snuck up on me. I'm happy that I've had the fun of family and friends this week, but now reality is quietly raising it's hand as if to say, "Remember me?"

Well, "reality," I do indeed remember you, and I'm ready-and not ready-and ready. I'll just have to see what it's like in a few hours when I take to the stage.

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