Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays.

Last night I put one of my most beloved Kansas City traditions to rest. It was my sixth annual "Hark the Herald Dancers Sing" Christmas Caroling party. Every year the party has had it's own flavor-sometimes singing occurs, sometimes not so much, but I always have looked forward to this night. I felt so grateful to have such a great group of people in my place helping to "make the season bright." This year was unique in that one of the dancers (and the one who got me this job) had her baby with her. It was a truly special evening all around.

I will miss the ability to host that many people in my place. It definitely has been a good place for that over the years. I'm doubtful that I will find an apartment in the city that I can fit forty people into! That's not how many were there last night, but I've seen that happen before.

Thank you to all of my lovely friends who were at the party, and those who couldn't make it for being so wonderful and caring over the years. I've loved hosting you.

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