Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seeing is believing

I have already spoken about how proud I am of my students as they feverishly rehearse for my Nutcracker this weekend. Today, when I walked into the office before rehearsal, my boss directed my attention to a coffee table book that was sitting on his desk. Our photographer had made a book from her pictures of my ballet from last year. They were so beautiful. She had picked the loveliest shots-every one completely flattering.

I felt tears come to my eyes-yeah, yeah-surprise, surprise. To see such a colorful and vivid book of something I had created was one of the most moving experiences of my teaching career. Of course I was proud of the dancers, but I have to allow myself to toot my own horn (and the horns of the countless members of the village who make the show possible.) I was blown away to see such a concrete representation of something that I pulled out of my own imagination.

I have always loved pictures. I love them even more when you can see movement in a still shot. That to me is the sign of a good dance photographer. I am so thankful for this lady and her gift of photographic sight! Seeing this book completely lifted my spirits. It gave me comfort by making me aware that I am indeed leaving something behind-a good something.

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