Friday, December 11, 2009

Here I go again.

Today I go into the theatre to begin tech rehearsals for my last "Nutcracker" with the Kansas City Ballet. Woah! It's already time?!? I am extremely excited to get back on stage again. I hope that the performances go well for everyone and that we all stay safe and healthy. We are cramming almost the same number of performances that we usually do in four weeks into two. It should be interesting. I look at it as preparation for what I'm hoping to do next! Eight shows a week with one day off is the life I want, right?

This is going to be strange for me because as I've said before, I really enjoy Nutcracker, and in two weeks it will be over. I'm going to continue to savor every second-even the potentially tense and frustrating stage rehearsals. Oh! Due to some cast shifting, I'm going to have one second act entirely off. I was only going to be playing a minor role in it, (so I'm not bummed) and now I'll get to watch the company dance from the audience if I get dressed fast enough after act one! I'm thrilled about that. I've only gotten to see our production from the front once in my whole time here! I love seeing how beautiful my coworkers are.

Time to crack some nuts.

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