Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let the countdown begin!

Two weeks away from opening night is always an exciting day. It is the day that the official casting is posted for the dancers. On this day, we find out if the roles we've been rehearsing are ours or not. It is a day of excitement and sometimes disappointment.

Today, I wasn't disappointed. I've know what I am going to be dancing for a while. I just feel different. For me, this will be my last Fall season series. Then Nutcracker will come, then Winter series, then Spring, then.....who knows?

I feel a bit detached from the other dancers at this moment. It's strange because I'm still me-still doing the same thing I've done for years, but I feel like I'm on the outside looking in-yet I'm still on the inside. It's as if I'm hovering and seeing everyone go through their reactions to the casting.

I hope that my colleagues are excited about the opportunities they are having, and I hope those who are disappointed will find a way to keep their heads up. This year I hope I can be more encouraging to my fellow dancers than I've been in the past. I believe this is the role I should try harder to play.

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