Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So inspired.

I am so hungry for more of the inspiration that I am finding simply by walking on the streets here in New York. The energy of the people, the crowds, the simple fact that there is activity going on EVERY NIGHT is exactly what I'm needing at this point in my life.

I hope that I am lucky enough to get work performing quickly after I move here, but as long as I find some sort of job to pay the bills, I am sure that(at least for a while) I will be content just getting settled into this new place and pace of life.

I am excited to find classes and further my training as an actor, but I am more excited for what I will learn from the life experiences I will have and the people I will meet. I love being surrounded by people who are in the same field as I and are pushing for work. Yes, I could be discouraged by the great odds that are against all actors when searching for work in a saturated field, but instead(for as long as I can,) I hope to focus on the joy of my new surroundings.

Let me say that I haven't forgotten that I have a wonderful rest of the season to go back to at the ballet. I promise to continue to keep my focus sharp on my work.......but I'm still so excited by NYC!


  1. Man,

    I love reading your words! This one makes me so excited for you. I could almost see the hustle and bustle. NYC is an awesome place!


  2. Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement!