Thursday, October 22, 2009

Looking around.

Today I let myself fall in love with public transportation again. One thing about it that I find interesting is how it forces people to be in close contact with each other. You get to make the choice-depending on personality and/or mood-on how you interact with those around you.

I've been enjoying seeing the look in peoples' eyes when I am courteous or polite. It's a look of surprise and gratitude. It makes me realize that I have an opportunity with everyone I see to make a brief connection. I don't think I'll necessarily change the world, but I can try to spread some positive energy. We'll see how far this takes me. If nothing else, hopefully it will eventually begin to change me and make me a better and warmer person-the kind of person I would like to know(or at least share a subway ride with.)

This is such a fun trip, and it's going by so quickly. Tomorrow, I'm going into Philadelphia, and I'm going to visit the dance school attended for the year before I went to Kansas City. I'm excited to see my teachers. I think this will help me in my continuous quest to find closure in this transition.

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