Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Theatre week: Day 1

It was a quiet day for me. I felt overall a bit meditative. I didn't really feel too sad-just a bit strange. As most of the men are only in the second act full-length piece, our rehearsal didn't begin until seven thirty this evening. I took class at the ballet, and then I went home and pounded away at the website I'm building.

While doing this I had some time to reflect on the years before. I always have had such an excitement and great anticipation when going into the theatre. It's a sacred place for me-almost spiritual. As I am going into a much different world where it's unsure after this season the next time I'll be on stage, I want to give the theatre the respect it deserves more than I ever have before.

It's interesting when other people start to make note of "the last times" I will do things. For example, my dressing roommate, an old friend from school, realized that this would be the last time we would be sharing a dressing room together. It's crazy to think of how much simple things such as a dressing roommate have become a large part of my professional experience. I will greatly miss these simple things.

The rehearsal went well. I took the notes I was given less personally than I would have in the past(not that they were anything to take offense to,) but oftentimes, we as artists get taken aback by things such as notes. It's sometimes a response to how they're given, but this time I simply felt quiet and calm in the realization that there was no need to do anything but take the note and just do what was asked of me. After all, these are all the last notes I will ever receive for a Fall season series with the Kansas City Ballet. Interesting...

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