Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Puzzle Pieces.

As I document this year, I will at times share about some of the basic ins and outs of uprooting my life and making this move. As things begin to fall into place, I will report about them.

One thing I have known for a long time is that my living situation in New York will most definitely be different from that which it is in Kansas City. Here in Kansas City, I live on the eleventh floor of a six year old renovated high-rise apartment building in a nine hundred square foot one bedroom corner loft. I have an elevator, a dish washer, a lovely view from six windows that measure approximately four feet wide by seven feet tall. The windows fit in perfectly to my thirteen feet tall ceilings. My rent is just a touch over six hundred dollars a month, and for the icing on the top, I live alone. I have never had to have a roommate in all of my years of working in Kansas City if I didn't want to.

All of this said, knowing that I'm ready to let this nice stuff go-and excited about it even, I couldn't help but think about how this would be different next year. I knew that I would definitely need to have a roommate(or roommates.) I am pleased to report that as of a couple of days ago, I made an agreement with a good friend of mine that we would live together in the city. It's such a feeling of relief to know that this is one less thing I will have to worry about. It's also nice to have a friend to begin planning with. While so much of this career shift has to be gone after alone, it's comforting to know that in regards to my living arrangements, I have a pal who will be in the same boat as I, and we can take care of this aspect together.

I happily put positive energy into the atmosphere at this moment with hopes that this will not be the last of things to naturally fall into place as the year progresses. While I know that not everything will happen this easily, I feel that there is no need in fretting about things. I'll just enjoy the ride and wait for the next puzzle piece to present itself. Here's to finding a wonderful roommate. May we not kill one another!

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