Saturday, October 17, 2009

Performance lll and iv

There isn't much to report that is incredibly enlightening about the third and fourth performances. They went smoothly, and I corrected my mistake from yesterday's show-not that I was worried. I still find it a bit humorous.

I suppose it is appropriate to talk about the young couple I have mentioned before who have been working on their first principal pas de deux. They performed it today at the matinee, and they were wonderful. I look forward to seeing great things come from them.

Tonight as I was watching the show before it was the second act in which I perform, I felt really distant. It was wild. It was the most distant that I have felt to date. I watched my beautiful colleagues dancing, but this time, I really felt as if I was an audience member. It made me angry actually. I felt that my mind or body or something was getting ahead of me-betraying me in a way. I'm still here! This is still my job! Naturally, I turned that frustration into character motivation and seethed on stage as was appropriate for my roles. All's well that ends well, eh?

I'm excited to have a week off after this to go out of town and clear my head. It is much needed.

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