Friday, October 16, 2009

Performance ll

There was more fun on the stage of the Lyric Opera Friday night as another cast of Kansas City Ballet artists took to the floor. Once again, it came and went rather uneventfully-which is a good thing when people are hurling themselves across the stage in positions that living creatures were never meant to assume.

There was also a first for me. I prepared my first entrance in the wings. It's a rather simple one that I've executed many times before. Something felt strange about it as I rehearsed, but no matter. I went over it and over it. Then, I went on stage. The dance is a military dance with several "about faces," and several men are dancing in unison. On the first one, when I was supposed to turn to the right, naturally I turned to the left. What?!? "Ah well," I thought and kept going. Hey, it's live theatre. If I kicked myself every time I messed up, where would I be? But wait, I honestly couldn't remember making such a blatantly wrong choreographic error EVER in ten years! Then came the repeat of the same part towards the end of the dance. I was definitely in the back this time, and I hesitated long enough to follow a colleague in front of me so as to make sure I was correct, and I turned the wrong way again! I couldn't believe it. All I could do was find the humor in it. I definitely couldn't be reprimanded for not practicing! I had practiced-I practiced wrong, but I practiced!!

I must say that I don't take mistakes like this lightly. I have always prided myself on being a consistent dancer. I am learning though to forgive myself when I make a mistake. And yes, I guess I am bragging a bit about not being able to remember making one as obvious as that in ten years of dancing! So there! Eat your hearts out Kansas City! Ha!

(sarcasm must be noted...)

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