Thursday, April 29, 2010

A closed chapter.

I did it. I moved out of my apartment-completely. The only thing I have left to do is hand over my keys. At 11:52 am yesterday, I completed cleaning and rushed from my apartment to work for a 12:05 rehearsal. I made it. I kept expecting to have a reaction to the fact that I had just become “homeless” so to speak. Nothing happened. Until later that night.

I went to see my roommate-to-be in a musical being done by the Kansas City Repertory Theatre. The performance was being put on in a theatre that I could see from my old place. The show was a wonderful piece that blended Shakespeare’s “Othello” with political points about the harmful aspects of war. They had me at “Hello” with the subject matter as I have recently portrayed Iago, and I love seeing renditions of that story. I managed to keep myself together throughout the show.

Then, afterward, as I sat in my car to leave, it hit me. I was driving away from my home. I realized that the apartment I could have walked to from the theatre was no longer where I live. I was driving in the opposite direction. A wave of emotion poured over and out of me as I experienced fear, excitement, panic and doubt about my upcoming move. All the while knowing still that I’ll be just fine, yet I was still freaked out.

This was my first meltdown of the week. I have been anticipating some in the upcoming days, but I wasn’t sure when the surprise would come. Well, there was number one, and I’m glad I got that out of the way. I feel much better now, and I will continue to feel more comfortable as I get used to my beautiful BIG new surroundings.

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