Friday, April 30, 2010


Life is so strange. While I was going through my things during my huge packing excursion, I came across several old letters. Several were from old pen-pals from ballet summer study sessions of yore. There was one that I found, and it made me think of how sad it is when we lose contact with people. This person and I had some great times when we were away from home at the ripe old age of 13.

Well, tonight, I received a “friend request” on Facebook, and long story short, it was this person! I find it exhilarating that these types of things seem to keep happening to me this year! I had literally been thinking about her the week before, and then she found me! Wild!

It is easy for me to find all of this exciting and think that it’s some sort of cosmic gift being bestowed on me by the Universe as a “retirement” gift. However, it makes me pause to think. I bet these kinds of gifts are always around us. There are just times in our lives when we are more open to being able to see them. What would it be like if I was always open and able to see the gifts that are given to me daily? Well, honestly, I think that would get to be boring. I’m enjoying the novelty of these pleasant surprises. I think that I can accept that good things are always coming to me, but would never want to take them for granted. I like the constant ebb and flow of being surprised just when I need it. I guess I’ve really been needing it lately with all of the emotions I’ve been going through!

Speaking of these things. Tomorrow will be my last full rehearsal day in the studios of the Kansas City Ballet. Wowsa.

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