Monday, April 5, 2010


Learning new skills is a challenge that I have always enjoyed, but there is something frustrating about learning how to tap dance! Tonight, I did ok in my first class with the younger kids, but I really began to get bummed out in my adult class! As I write this, I'm finding the last couple of sentences quite comical although I wasn't laughing as I slipped and almost landed on my face in class! (that sounds funny now too.)

The thing is, I know that I will continue to rise to the occasion. I know that I can and will only be as good as I am able to be at each moment in time. It's ego that drives me bonkers, and it will always be that which I have to keep in check. Getting frustrated really can only serve to hold me back, and I need to remember that I do find this new tool fun.

Hopefully, as I become a little less stressed and see the details of my move begin to come together in a bit more orderly fashion, I will feel better. For now, I will just go to sleep and be thankful that tonight's disaster is over!

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