Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moving Insanity.

I can barely walk through my apartment because of all of the boxes. How can one accumulate so much in a one bedroom apartment?!? It's driving me mad, and the problem is, I don't know what I can get rid of! I need to get an unbiased friend to help me feel ok with getting rid of stuff.

Today, one fun thing I found was the old budgeting workbook my parents had made for me when I first moved to Kansas City. In it were worksheets designed to help me know exactly where my money was going. It was wild to see that my income that first season was just over $10,000! Somehow, I made it work! I felt rich. I still say today that the first year I was making a living was the most financially free one yet. I was so happy to be living on my own.

Well, now I'm going to be starting over again financially in a sense. Sure, I'm going into things with quite a bit more in the bank than the first time, but I am also going into things with a much smaller paycheck than I'm used to-at least at first. One thing that the two experiences will definitely have in common is my excitement factor. I am thrilled to meet this new challenge!

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