Monday, April 19, 2010


I have been coming across many wonderful things as I've been packing and "downsizing." I have kept many letters over the years from family and friends. I came across many of the "Merde" (good luck) cards from early on in my career from my colleagues, bunches of letters from my parents than span back all the way to when I was thirteen and fourteen until now, and I have also come across some old "pen-pal" letters. Does anyone remember those?

Well, once upon a time there were objects called "pens" or "pencils," and people used to drag them across something called "paper" in specific designs. Then, the paper was folded and placed into another piece of folded paper-oh, gosh! Just the thought of it is wearing me out! How primitive! How did we ever live in such a world?!?

Seriously though, it is so nice to have these tangible pieces of my past. I did put a few of them into the trash can-but probably not as many as I should! I was able to get back in touch with some of my old friends via Facebook, and that was quite wild! One of them who was sixteen when we last corresponded now is married with one two year old child and another due any day now!

I was thrilled to find letters from some of my friends who I had met in high school and have remained part of my life ever since. I know that I will have them as long as we are alive. I think fourteen years makes us all stuck with each other!

Finding these letters is yet another much needed reminder that the life path that I am on is the correct one. With its many twists and turns, some things do stay constant. When I play my cards correctly, or at least as well as I can, the people I love are there for me, and things seem to go my way. I am thankful for that, and I'll keep playing the game as long as I'm able.

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