Saturday, April 24, 2010

My last night "home."

I am so lucky that I have such wonderful friends in my life. Tomorrow, I will begin moving to my temporary home. My friend has recently purchased a house, and he is allowing me to stay there until I leave for New York. I am floored by his generosity.

I found my first rental agreement for the loft that has been my home, and I realized that I had lost track of time. I've actually been living here for seven years, and I thought it was six. Tonight, I will spend my final night in my apartment (unless I crash on the floor while cleaning this week.)

Suddenly, something weird is happening. It isn't home anymore. I feel as if I'm being released from it. It's a wonderful place, and I'm sure my sentimental side will kick in at any moment, but I am simply so overwhelmed with this move, that I can't wait to be out of here. I have to have it emptied and cleaned by Friday the 30th. Oh boy. Well, here I go. The good thing about this deadline is that it will put me in a good place for my performance week. I would have been really stressed to be trying to move during that.

Well, so long my wonderful loft. You have been a safe place as I asked you to be. What an amazing residency. You'll be hard to live up to.

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