Thursday, April 1, 2010

That's showbiz.

The waiting game is the hardest part of a "successful" audition. I'm referring to the St. Louis audition I did two weeks ago. People I know have been contacted with job offers, and I'm still waiting to hear if I'm going to get one or not. Well, that's the world I have signed up for now, I suppose.

Somehow, although I am quite anxious to hear something (positive or otherwise,) I feel content in whatever happens. I would love to perform this summer, and let's face it. I've put my eggs into one basket with this theatre. I haven't busted my rear to get work anywhere else. With that in mind, I go to the thought of, "obviously, I was planning to make this a transition summer anyway...." So, if I get a job out of this, it's a cherry on the top. If not, then I do what I originally planned to. I move to New York and get settled in and enjoy the summer. I don't think it has REALLY set in that I am going to live there. Yes, I will be living there-for better or worse!

I remain positive regardless of the outcome of this audition, and I am happy for my colleague who was hired. He is a talented young man who will do quite well in this field. It just goes to show that I'd better not let my guard down.

This is a highly competitive market. I was lucky to have ten years in a ballet company. I've already proven myself in a niche market. You don't have to be as technically "perfect" in the theatre world, but you still have to be darned good. I have to stay sharp.

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