Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Coming down.

My schedule was crazy on Sunday. I finished the show at four, was on a flight at 6:10 with one of my coworker's mother and grandmother (which was nice,) and after a long and bumpy flight, I finally arrived at my friends house by 12:30am. When I awoke, I went and had breakfast with two dear friends from Kansas City, and then I went to stand in line an hour and a half before my audition. After the audition-of which I made it to the second cut, I met friends for cocktails and dinner, randomly met a girl who had graduated from my school six years after me, went and played board games with the friends from earlier in the day and finally went back to where I am staying for the night.

Needless to say, I haven't had time to take in the fact that my career with KC Ballet ended on Sunday afternoon at 4:00. In a way, I'm happy, but I know myself, and I am going to need to find time to grieve that loss. However, if I am really honest with "knowing myself," I know the time to grieve will find me. Probably by something harmless and random such as a hot dog stand that looks like one that used to be outside my building in KC or something. I'll be standing weeping on the sidewalk in NYC making people wonder who the new crazy guy is who has just been added to the mix?!? Actually, here, no one would notice!

I LOVE MY NEW CITY!! I cannot wait to get back. No, I didn't book the Radio City job, but that's ok! It's not my turn yet. I did well, and I know that my ballet performance stood out-perhaps too much-who knows. In the meantime I'll just focus on my last week and a half in KC (I fly back tonight,) and I'll make them wonderful. This is my last "visit" to New York! It's my last time "crashing" with friends! This year has been full of many bittersweet "lasts," but these are wonderful ones!

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