Monday, May 17, 2010

Level playing field.

I went to the college graduation party of a former student of mine yesterday. Of course, I had another opportunity to talk about what I was going to be doing soon with my move and my transition. Speaking to my student and hearing about his summer gigs and then his plans to move up to New York in September really made me think again about how I really am starting over in a way. Thankfully, I have a good resume behind me, but I'm moving up with "the class of 2010" from all of the theatre departments across the country. It can be quite daunting when I stop to think about it. Thereby, I choose not to-well at least not for too long at a time.

On a fun note, at this time next week, my roommate and I will be on the road and hopefully about four to five hours into our journey eastward! How exciting!

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