Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home stretch.

My final dress rehearsal was a bit eventful. Earlier in the day, one of our dancers was having anxiety attack-like issues, and so he had to go to the hospital. Before I go on, I will say that he is fine and will be back in for the performances. I happen to understudy said dancer in one of the pieces, and so I was thrown on for the run. I was pretty anxious, but overall, it went well. The choreographer was pleased and shook my hand, my ballet mistress came back stage to praise me, and even my director seemed happy. Needless to say, I felt quite relieved.

The rehearsal continued on, and the piece I do "Who Cares?" closes the show. It went well until the very end. There are a series of lifts in which I pop my partner quickly into the air fully extending my arms. Tonight, the music was played a bit faster than we have been rehearsing, yet I still tossed my partner and brought her down very quickly. During the second of these three lifts, something pinched, pulled, slipped-or something-in my lower neck/extreme upper back. Now, I am currently sitting writing with an icy-hot patch glued to me. Today, I will see the physio therapist, and although in pain, I'll make it through tonight. Never a dull moment in ballet.

I am excited about opening. It is going to be special. My colleagues are being sensitive towards me knowing that this is a strange experience for me. The good thing is that all of my loose ends seem to have come together, so I can enjoy the weekend.

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