Monday, May 24, 2010

Woah boy!

Today was a wonderfully easy drive overall. We left at ten this morning, and we arrived in Indianapolis at eight. I only backed into one car with the truck at one of our gas fill-ups, but there was not damage, and my roommate and I left the scene feeling very lucky.

So.....we are spending the night in a mansion. Yup, that's right a mansion. This house is full of beautiful European artwork and treasures from all over the place. I am writing my most poorly worded entry because I can't think straight! I'm so in awe of the generosity that has been offered to us by these friends of my roommates mother.

The lesson I take from this? Keep connecting with people. ALL OF THE TIME. As a performer-heck, as a human, I believe it is important to learn the best people skills one can in order to share experiences and events and....I have to stop writing! I can't put into words what I'm thinking! I'm simply floored, and I am learning so much from all of my opportunities.

I can't wait until I can once again offer a place for others to stay and extend (in a much wimpier way) a helping hand.

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