Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Limbo

Rehearsals are going just fine for what will be my last gig while I'm living here in Kansas City. That's a strange thing to think about! What a wild ride this has all been.

I'm going a bit crazy today. I feel somewhat stuck right now. I feel as if I am waiting for a train (or something) to come and take me off, and it's running late. I know that this week will fly past, and I need to just enjoy it, but I feel somewhat detached from everything at the moment. Several of my close friends are here in town still, but since work at the ballet ended, I don't see them every day. I suppose my withdrawal has quietly begun. I do miss the day in and out of my job at the ballet. Well, at least I miss the idea of it. I miss the security of knowing that I can begin work again in three months and see everyone as usual.

I really want to get to New York and find out how I'm going to do. I hope to be settled in relatively quickly. I'm just anxious about the unknown. Well, it won't be unknown for much longer.

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