Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The final piece.

I have an apartment lined up! As of yesterday morning, my roommate who already resides in New York found a great deal on a large three bedroom place in Astoria. It is newly renovated and will be perfect for us! I am excited to see it next week when I am in the city briefly.

Just knowing that I have a place to look forward to moving to is a huge relief. I had reserved the moving truck the day before without even having an apartment locked down, so to have something fall into place the next day was simply perfect.

Yesterday’s theatre rehearsals went well overall. I was definitely ready to get some rest afterwards though. Today, we have tech and then dress rehearsal at night. Man oh man it’s flying by! I’m savoring as much as possible, but it’s going too fast! The whole last ten years feel like a blur. All I can do is point my feet as hard as possible, smile and let it all soak in.

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